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Our Cause

New Diagnosis Baskets


When a family is hit with the terrible news that their child has cancer it is completely devastating. With our New Diagnosis Baskets we offer comfort items, amenities, and snacks as well as a resource document outlining helpful organizations and tips for the journey ahead.

No Hair, Don't Care Celebration


Hair loss because of cancer treatment is a reality for many of these wonderful kiddos. We hope to flip this from a sad time to a time that instills a feeling of becoming a warrior and superhero as they journey through their quest of conquering cancer. 

Birthday Boxes


Being stuck in the hospital is never fun. Being stuck there for your birthday or your sibling’s birthday is even worse. Cancer doesn’t take a day off because of birthdays, nor do these children’s treatment plans. We work to step in to help make sure that they are able to have a celebration at the hospital and still have smiles!

End of Treatment Boxes


The work and torture that these kids have to go through during their treatment, all while only wanting to be a kid, go to school, hang out with friends and have fun is incredible. When they complete their full treatment plan it is truly a time to celebrate. We provide all the supplies for a great party, complete with cake (donated by Festival Foods) and favors!

Maddy's Toy Shop


When a child going through treatment ends up being admitted to the hospital or having a more invasive procedure at Marshfield’s Children’s Hospital, we have a cart that they can pick a toy from. Our hope is to provide them some comfort and a smile during the difficult stuff!

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